Strasbourg art photography / Gaizka Taro

As a child Gaizka Taro (Montuiri, Mallorca, 1987) dreamt of being an astronaut, to travel to the stars. On a trip to Japan, to visit his family, he was given a panoramic camera that he began experimenting with. In time, he replaced his enthusiasm for photography for the manufacture of electronic circuits. Until he recovered his interest in images, when he was studying industrial engineering. His series Mallorca Night Landscapes speaks of his love for the island’s nature, and allows him to come a little closer to the stars he dreamt of reaching inside a spacesuit as a child. “The stars are the living image of the magnitude of the universe. When you look up, and see all those lights that were generated millions of years ago, before humans even existed, you realise just how immense space is and how small we are”, he says. Another one of his series, Burned Trees, reflects the impact of extinct life, both of animals and of trees and plants, the smell of burnt earth in the scorched forests of Estellencs. “I felt obliged to document this ecological disaster, connecting it to the eternity of the universe” (Revue In Palma)

Actuellement ses oeuvres sont exposées en ville ici

Voici un extrait de ses photographies

Gaizka Taro « Sky at night in Mallorca » ca.50×40 cm. Prix 250 €

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